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Historical, romantic, Mediterranean. The largest island of the Dodecanese island group, Rhodes enchants with its warmth, atmosphere and versatility. Fascinating sights and paradise-like beaches attract tourists to return to Rhodes year after year.

As a holiday destination, Rhodes serves both families, couples and solo travelers. There is plenty to do on the island, both for active people and for groups looking for a quieter program. What if you went to Perhoslaakso, blooming green for the day? Or would you drop by to get to know the old town of Rhodes, where monuments and structures from different eras combine spectacularly with each other?

  • Mythological and historical Rhodes
    In Greek mythology, it is described how the supreme god Zeus cruelly divided the world between the gods of Olympus. Zeus had inadvertently forgotten to invite the sun god Helios to the place, and no one else remembered to think of him when the world was divided. Helios heated up. He demanded from Zeus that the next land rising from the sea should be reserved for him. It is said that green Rhodes, basking in the glory of flowers, rose from the Mediterranean immediately after Helios made his claim. After this, Helios settled on the island.

    Over the millennia, Rhodes has belonged to, among others, Byzantium, Italy and the Ottoman Empire. The island has been part of Greece since 1947. The rich history of Rhodes can also be seen in the architecture as an enriching element. The medieval old town is contrasted by the new town of Rhodes, whose infrastructure has received both neoclassical and oriental influences.
  • Rhodes attractions

    The old town of Rhodes
    Surrounded by medieval walls, a historical place to visit, which is divided into three parts: the quarters of the kings, the quarters of the Turks, and the Jewish quarters. Most of the museums and art galleries are located in the first part. The Turkish part has mosques and a hammam. The Jewish quarter houses a synagogue and a Jewish museum. In the town of Rhodes, you should visit the archaeological museum. The Old Town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Butterfly valley
    Located in the northern part of the island, about 26 km from the city of Rhodes. The green nature park is especially popular with families with children and there are good walking routes. There are butterflies in the valley only in the summer months. At other times, the visitor can enjoy the beauty of the valley.

    Seven springs (Epta piges)
    The area of ​​the seven springs is one of the most famous natural sites in Rhodes, and according to legend, the source of love and youth.

    Zambia beach
    The beach on the east coast of the island is one of the most beautiful on the island. In addition to the beach, the place is famous for its monastery, which requires climbing about 300 steps to get to. There is a small Byzantine church dedicated to the Virgin Mary on top of the hill and there are wonderful views.

    Ancient Lindos, located on the east coast of Rhodes, was founded 2000 years before the beginning of time. Founded by the Dorians, Lindos has been an important port city in its time. The city's most important attraction is the Acropolis of Lindos, which offers wonderful views. The Acropolis is one of the island's more picturesque destinations.

    Monolithos fortress
    A hill on the west side of the island, whose fortress ruins date back to the 15th century. At one time, the fortress was one of the oldest in Rhodes. Today, only the outer walls and a couple of chapels remain. Getting to the top requires a bit of speed, because you have to climb up narrow stairs. The small beach of Fourni is also nearby. The easiest way to get to the area is by rental car.

    Anthony Quinn Bay
    The bay is named after a popular Mexican-American actor. The cove is located near the popular resort of Faliraki. It is very crowded during the busiest summer months.

    Faliraki Water Park
    The water park is especially a favorite destination for families with children. The park is clean and well maintained. The park is open subject to weather conditions.


    The more than 220-kilometer coastline of Rhodes has dozens of smooth sandy beaches, pebble beaches and quiet coves where you can spend the day sunbathing and relaxing. The most popular beaches are probably the so-called Tuulinen ranta and Elli ranta near the city of Rhodes. These are very popular with tourists due to their convenient location and wide range of services.

    However, the best swimming beaches are located on the east coast of Rhodes. When thinking about a sunbathing location, you should take into account the prevailing season - in hot and dry summer heat, a pebble beach may be a more pleasant option than a dusty sandy beach. The only paid beach on the island is Kallithea Therme, where the entrance fee is €3. Umbrella and chair rentals are around €5 on all public beaches.

    The western coast of the Aegean Sea attracts lovers of water sports. The temperature is cooler on this side of the island, the winds are stronger and the waves are higher. On many beaches of Rhodes, the blue flags of the European Union fly as a sign of cleanliness and safety.

    Beach tips
    For families with children. Shallow water beaches popular with families with children include the beaches of Tsambika, Agia Agathi, Afandou and Faliraki. Almost all of Rhodes' beaches are family-friendly during the day, but the beaches connected to popular resorts, such as Faliraki, are filled with revelers, especially in the summer in the evening. Anthony Quinn, Katsouni, Kiotari, Prasonisi, Kalathos and Kamiros are popular with adult travelers. Some of these also have their own nudist areas.

    For those who love peace. Quiet swimming spots include Stegna beach, Fourni Beach, Kathara, Agia Agathi and Glystra beach. Many of these can also be reached conveniently by bus.

    For those who want experiences. Kallithea's beach offers extensive water activity opportunities and the opportunity to take a dip in the famous Kallithea hot springs. Golfers enjoy their time at Afandou beach, as it is located next to the most important golf course in Rhodes. Those interested in windsurfing should head to the windy Ialysos beach, which is located 3 kilometers from the capital Rhodes.

    For those who appreciate the service offering. Beaches with good services include Tuulinen beach and Elli beach, as well as Pallas beach north of Lindos village and the middle part of Faliraki beach.


    On the island of Rhodes, the best shopping place is the town of Rhodes, but the charming alleys of Lindos are also good for shopping. The most popular purchases in Lindos are especially leather products, lace and other local handicrafts. In stores aimed at tourists, which are especially in the area of ​​the most popular holiday destinations, you can buy food and beach clothes, for example. There are numerous small shops in the old town of Rhodes where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, antiques and handicrafts. Washing sponges, jewelry and other typical Rhodes souvenirs are sold near the walls. Also in front of Kolona harbor is a good place to buy souvenirs.

    The modern quarter outside the walls is the best place to buy groceries, as there are not many grocery stores in the old town. On the new side of the city, especially near Plati Kipru square and Amerikis street, there are also stores of well-known fashion stores. There are several Finnish and other Nordic shops near the beaches, where you can get some domestic products.

    Good buys include ceramics, sculptures, decorations, icons, paintings and other art. In Old Town there is a good selection of jewellery, watches, gold and silver. Alcoholic beverages, especially Ouzo, are also popular Christmas purchases. As for food, olive oils are good quality to take home, but you should also buy spices, olives, honey and preserved fruits as a treat. Among sweets, Baklava and Loukoumi are popular local delicacies.

    Food shopping should be done in larger supermarkets. Lidl is about 5 kilometers from Rhodes town. The local supermarkets Sklavenitis and AB are also more affordable than smaller markets, but they are often located far from beaches or city centers. The best way to go shopping is, for example, by taxi or rental car. The markets are open from Monday to Saturday around 8 am to 9 pm and are closed on Sundays.

    Euros are used in Rhodes, and you should have some cash with you. Payment cards are accepted in supermarkets and restaurants, but it is good to have cash for bus trips.

    On Sundays, most shops are closed, except for small shops in holiday centers. Otherwise, the opening hours follow the local rhythm of life. The shops are generally open from 09:00 to 10:00 and from 14:00 to 15:00. Shops often close for a siesta and reopen around 5pm and stay open until around 9pm. Many shops especially popular with locals close their doors already on Saturday afternoon and open their doors on Monday morning.

    In Rhodes, it is good to be prepared for a price level that is not far from the equivalent in the home country.
    Alcohol is cheaper than in Finland, but food is close to the Finnish price level in medium-sized stores.

    Getting around the island

    In the narrow alleys of the old town of Rhodes, it is best to move on foot. Otherwise, the easiest way to get around the Urban Area is by taxi. The minimum fee is around 7 euros.

    Examples of taxi prices: from Ixia to Rhodes 13 eur, from Ixia to the airport 19 eur, from Ixia to the butterfly valley 28 eur, from Ixia to the water park 24 eur, from Ixia to the seven springs 40 eur and from Ixia to Lindos 67 eur. A taxi from the city of Rhodes to the airport costs 20-30 eur.

    There is a regular bus service between the holiday areas and the city of Rhodes. The easiest way to buy a bus ticket in advance is either from a mini market near the bus stop or from a ticket machine in the city. You can also buy a bus ticket on the bus, but please reserve the same amount. The ticket price starts at 2.50 euros.


    Popular holiday destinations
    Rhodes. The capital of the island, Rhodes, enchants with its historical and impressive sights. The city is divided into two parts - the modern new city and the old city, built in the 15th century and filled with taverns and temples. The area was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

    In the old town of Rhodes, you can get to know the history of the Jewish inhabitants of the area as well as the mosques built during the Ottoman Empire. You can stop by, for example, a synagogue, a hammam spa, an archaeological museum, boutiques and cafes during your visit. The old town is also just a stone's throw away from the beaches popular with tourists - Elli beach and Tuulinese beach.

    In the new city, there are many kinds of stimulation for the vacationer. There are festivals, clubs and casinos, as well as stylish and trendy shopping malls.

    Faliraki. One of the island's most popular resorts, Faliraki, is located on the wonderful long east coast of Rhodes. The area offers peace for those who want it, lively nightlife for those who crave it, and a finely divided almost 5 kilometer long beach for sun worshippers. Faliraki's golden beach is considered one of the best in Rhodes. The beach is perfect for families with children, its sand is soft, the water is warm and clean, and there are hardly any strong waves.

    Europe's largest water park, Faliraki Waterpark, is also located in the area. Both children and adults enjoy themselves in the water park - there is enough active activity for several days of vacation.
    From Faliraki, you can walk or drive for less than five kilometers to the neighboring bays, Anthony Quinn and Ladiko. The footpath runs along beautiful rocks and along the way you can visit the Astronomy Cafe observatory.

    Lindos. Lindos is a combination of quality beach vacation and exciting adventure in the narrow streets. The small town of Lindos is located on a high hill on the east coast of the island. The beautiful postcard-like city hides a labyrinth of small narrow streets with small shops and restaurants.

    The best beaches of Rhodes start from the south side of Lindos, from Lardos Bay to Plymir. The infrastructure of the beaches is perhaps not as developed as in Faliraki or Ialyssos, but the area is very beautiful and clean. The paradise beach starting from Lindos is almost 30 kilometers long and ends at the southernmost resort of Rhodes, Prasonis.

    Lindos is a wonderful holiday destination with sandy beaches and picturesque lagoons. Everything for a wonderful holiday is available: delicious food and drink, comfortable hotels, stylish restaurants, taverns, bars and nightclubs.

    Do you enjoy traditional Greek music? Folk songs accompanied by bouzouki that can be heard in local taverns after dark? Or do you want to dance until the morning to electronic music in youthful clubs? Is it perhaps your thing to jump on stage yourself and wow the audience with your karaoke bravado?

    If you want to experience a tavern night with Greek food and music, we recommend heading to the small villages inhabited by locals located near the resorts. There are also restaurants popular with locals on the outskirts of cities. You can get up-to-date tips for cultural tours from our destination guides.

    The lively nightlife is mainly concentrated in the city of Rhodes, especially on Orfanidou street. In addition to this, there are also clubs and pubs in Faliraki, Lindos and Ialysos. For example, you can sing karaoke in Finnish on the side of the new town of Rhodes, on Evdomis Martiou street.
  • Good to know
    Airlines: Several different airlines fly from Finland to Rhodes. At Aventours, we fly to the destination with Enter Air company planes.
    Airport: Rhodes Airport (RHO)
    Distance to resorts from the airport: 20–25 minutes.
    Flight time from Finland: 4 hours.
    Language: Greek
    Time difference: 0 hours
    Population: about 50,000
    Passport: A Finnish citizen needs a valid passport or chipped identity card as a travel document to Greece.
    Currency: Euro
    Tipping: It is customary to tip 5-10% on top of the total amount of the bill.
    Electricity: In Greece (230V 50Hz, power plugs and sockets are type C and F)
    Hotel tax: €0.50–€4/room/night depending on the hotel classification. The hotel tax is paid on site in cash.
    Water: Generally clean and drinkable, but water may have a mineral taste. We recommend drinking bottled water.
  • Three tips for those vacationing in Rhodes
    1. Pack your hiking shoes in your suitcase and climb to the top of Mount Attávyros at an altitude of 1,215 meters. From the top there is a great view of, among other things, the Ida mountain range of Crete, where the supreme god Zeus himself is said to have been born.
    In terms of weather conditions, hiking trips are most pleasant to take in spring or autumn. The green surroundings of Mount Attávyros have extensive hiking trails, where you can spend several vacation days.
    2. Take a day trip to Perhoslaakso, located next to the flourishing Thelologos village! Perhoslaakso, or Petaloudes, is an impressive sight with its waterfalls and biological species. Please walk calmly in the valley, because loud noises disturb the rest of the butterflies.
    3. Did you know that Rhodes has amazing diving waters? The island has excellent opportunities for starting a diving hobby as well as for more independent movement under water.