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  • Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark - a city with a slow-paced life that is a fairy tale for most visitors, not only because it is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Tourists from all over the world have become so fond of Copenhagen because it combines traditions and innovations. During the tour to Copenhagen, very soon every traveler is imbued with its uniqueness, ability to combine the most contradictory qualities: pacified leisureliness with liveliness, modernity with the breath of antiquity. This is a city of an incredible number of museums, Andersen's fairy tales, and cycling. Indeed, local residents have long preferred two-wheeled vehicles to cars and ride bicycles in any weather and in any clothes.
    By the way, the most comfortable weather conditions in summer: air temperature - about +20° C, the probability of precipitation is minimal. So, your summer holidays in Copenhagen will be perfect - you just need to buy tickets to Copenhagen. Moreover, given the high cost of living in Copenhagen, it is important to book hotels in Copenhagen beforehand. 

    This is a great idea to go for a family vacation in Copenhagen and enjoy every moment together in this wonderful city. The Danes are one of the most children loving nations, so it’s comfortable to relax with kids in Copenhagen. The number of cultural events in the Danish capital is so great that you will have to make a difficult decision about where to go in Copenhagen.
  • What to visit in Copenhagen?
    The Danish capital has a large number of ancient castles and historical monuments, but the city can also make your day with masterpieces of modern architecture. Copenhagen is all composed of atmospheric areas. A historical spirit hovers over Nyhavn, freedom, and fun are registered in Christiania, and an active and purposeful student fraternity rules in Norrebro.

    During weekend tours in Copenhagen, there are many must-visit places. Firstly, it is worth to appreciate famous buildings of the city visiting, for example, the Amalienborg Palace. This is the residence of the Danish royal family and one of the most beautiful buildings in Denmark. The complex of palace buildings in the Rococo style is located with facades to each other, thus forming a square of the same name. The palace is guarded by the royal guards. Every day at noon, a guard of honor leaves from the barracks to Amalienborg to change comrades. A march to the sounds of a military band invariably gathers crowds of spectators, which you can join for free.

    Christiansburg Palace is another magnificent building attracting the attention of tourists. This is a political center of the modern state: it is here that the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Royal Receptions are located. Part of the premises is open to visitors: the hall where the king and queen receive the heads of other states, the ruins of a medieval castle that used to be in this place, the palace chapel, where members of the royal family are still crowning and christening, a theater, stables, a library and rooms, where parliamentarians sit. 

    In Copenhagen, there are over six dozen museums of various subjects. The National Museum is the largest cultural and historical museum in all of Denmark. It covers a gigantic layer of the country's history and culture, dating back to the Stone Age. Nearby is the Glyptotek Gallery, which has collected amazing collections of paintings and sculptures from around the world. Besides, you can go to the Museum of Post and Television, Guinness World Records Museum, Naval Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Museum of Jokes and Pranks “Believe It or Not”, Experimentariu, etc.

    There are also many beautiful temples and churches, large and charming parks, picturesque harbors, wonderful streets where you can ride a bicycle or just go forward. You’ll be surprised by their charm, and then understand that you can’t forget all this never again.

    However, the first thing that many people think of when they mention Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid, one of the most beautiful symbols of the city. A bronze Little Mermaid sits on a stone in the port, at the Langelini pier, silent and motionless, but so loved by tourists from around the world who were grown on the magical stories of Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Nightlife
    If the night is the best time for entertainment for you, don’t spend it in a hotel room. In Copenhagen, there are many interesting places where you can have fun until the morning. Copenhagen can offer a very wide range of nightlife activities even though it is not a very big city. Young people, as a rule, go to bars, concerts and parties in night clubs, the fun begins on Thursday evening and continues on Friday and Saturday. On Sundays, people relax, wake up and get ready for the workweek, so many clubs are closed on Sunday.

    Usually, the main fun begins after midnight. So if you do not like crowds, it is advisable to start the evening early so that by 1 am you are ready to go home. After an hour of the night, the public is usually everywhere full of people relaxing, people have fun, chat, drink and behave quite noisily. The atmosphere of each club depends on its focus. If this is a disco place, then be prepared for crowds, constant noise and loud music. Jazz clubs, on the contrary, introduce visitors to the pleasant atmosphere of live jazz contributing to calm and cultural relaxation. A lot of jazz events take place directly in the summer, so jazz can be surely called a Copenhagen card. Although, if desired, in Copenhagen you can find bars, clubs, and discos of any orientation.
  • Shopping
    There is an opinion that shopping in Copenhagen is not worthy of shopaholics’ attention. But the translation of the name of the capital speaks itself - this is the harbor of merchants. The shopping area of ​​the Danish capital is small, ut famous for its Scandinavian flavor and coziness. Shopping in Copenhagen will definitely not be boring, here you can buy a lot of interesting things and at the same time enjoy the main city sights. Dozens of popular shops are concentrated on Stroget Street, which is one of the longest pedestrian streets in the city. 

    Fashion Week is held every year in August, thanks to which you can buy shoes and clothes of world brands at discounts in the city. On this street, there are miniature boutiques, and expensive branded stores, as well as several shopping centers. There is also a large selection of souvenir shops; on a pedestrian street, you can also find restaurants of various specializations. While walking along the picturesque street, you can see many outstanding sights, including the Church of the Virgin, the Church of St. Nicholas and the building of the old Town Hall.

    If you are looking for something unusual, you should visit the Latin Quarter with many shops of Danish designers or go to Jægersborggafe Street, which is one of the most relevant and hot spots for shopping in Copenhagen today.
  • Good to know
    Airport: Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup
    Distance from Airport: 20-30 minutes (10 km)
    Language: Dutch
    Timezone: Central European Time Zone
    Population: Around 602.000
    Passport: Valid passport or visa is mandatory
    Tourist visa: Not required for stays under 90 days
    Currency: Danish Krone
    Tipping: Not included, customary to give 10-20%.
    Tourist tax: Included in the hotel price (7% of the cost of the room)
    Water: Tap water is safe to drink in Copenhagen
    Electricity: In Denmark, the power plugs and sockets type E and K. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz
  • Things to do

    Copenhagen is the residence of the world's oldest monarchy, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will probably be able to learn about the city and its culture by visiting local attractions with a guide. But there are those activities that you should try out during the weekend tour in Copenhagen. While crowds of tourists look at the bright signs of shops and try to photograph the Little Mermaid, you can move away from the usual routes and get to know Copenhagen better.

    1. Feel the special charm of Copenhagen from the water, taking a boat ride through the city canals. On average, a walk takes from thirty minutes to an hour. Discover Copenhagen from a new angle by enjoying a boat trip through the canals of Copenhagen. Embark on a boat trip to Nyhavn to enjoy the colorful houses on the canal. In three of them, Hans Christian Andersen lived, who glorified Denmark.

    2. Fans of hiking will appreciate the beautifully preserved exterior of old Danish houses, cozy tables on the promenade and the fabulous atmosphere of the Nyhavn area. A
    special chic is when you’re walking on the days of the Christmas market when the historical district is completely transformed into a decoration for fairy tales.

    3. Take amusement rides in Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen has one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe - Tivoli. It was open in 1843 and is the third most visited in Europe. Tivoli Park served as an inspiration for Walt Disney when he decided to open his first Disneyland. In addition to attractions, numerous floral arrangements deserve attention, and on weekends - fireworks shows.