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Prague is one of the largest cities in Central Europe and the centuries-old capital of Bohemia. These are bridges, cathedrals, gilded towers, and church domes, reflected in the waters of the Vltava for more than 10 centuries. It is almost uninjured during the Second World War. It is a medieval center with paved streets and courtyards, countless steeples and benches. And along with this, Prague is a modern and vibrant city full of young energy, music, culture in all its manifestations and gourmet restaurants. Many people consider Prague the most beautiful city in Europe. Prague is a city that you fall in love with immediately and want to come again and again: with comfortable shoes to explore new places, with a huge appetite to try new dishes of local cuisine and a spare suitcase to accommodate more things from shops. 

  • Prague is an all-weather city, but the peak falls on spring-summer and winter holidays. Spring, summer and the first half of autumn are good for walking around the capital and traveling to neighboring cities. All gardens, parks and museums work, beer terraces are open, festivals are held. Autumn is very beautiful in Prague when the trees turn yellow. Moreover, this is the time when the sales season begins. Winters are mild but windy. It’s great if you see Prague in the snow and visit the Christmas markets. Is the only thing you need to do now to buy tickets to Prague or book a hotel in Prague? Hurry up!

    In this city, everyone can find something suitable for themselves: historical monuments, bright theater performances, interesting museum excursions, incredibly delicious local cuisine, and famous Czech beer.
  • What to visit in Prague?
    If you belong to the type of tourists who prefer shopping, visiting restaurants or relaxing at a spa hotel for long walks in the city with a close study of architectural masterpieces, then Prague is the city for you. Here to freeze, admiringly looking at the high steeples and stunning beauty of the cathedrals, you have to literally at every step.

    From a tourist point of view, the most interesting and visited places are in the historical center of the city. Although it is far from all other the old cities of Europe, the spirit of the Middle Ages is especially acute there. The imagination of travelers is struck by the legendary Charles Bridge. And certainly, it is impossible not to notice a grandiose residence - Prague Castle. It is considered the largest castle in the world.

    The best way to explore the non-tourist spots of the city is to rent a bike (classic or electric). In Prague, there are several cycling routes that go through places where local residents relax. For example, go to Rieger Gardens with a beautiful view where residents of Prague come to picnics. Naplavka embankment on the Vltava with open concert venues and bars, a farmers' market is also a great way to plunge into the atmosphere of the city. In the market, which works on Saturdays, you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, fish, cheese and other products. From October to April, a sauna is open on one of the ships moored there.

    If you are planning a family vacation with children in Prague, then you need to go to Prague Zoo - one of the largest in Europe covering an area of more than 60 hectares. The zoo has a unique pavilion where the jungle is recreated. To visit the zoo, devote a separate day: it is really huge. Animals from various parts of the world, including very rare ones, are represented here.
  • Nightlife
    As in most European cities in Prague, there are many bars and clubs that offer wild partying nights. After sunset, the Czech capital is literally changing right in front of your eyes. People who go to bed at 22:00 won’t see Prague in all its glory. After 10 pm, life in the Czech capital begins to play with other colors that will remain in memory for a long time. 

    The nightlife of Prague is very diverse: everyone can find what suits them most. You can dance all night long in the clubs of Prague, drink excellent Czech beer in the bar and licten to live music of all kinds. Despite the fact that restaurants and pubs close at midnight, bars, local clubs in Prague are open until dawn and twenty-four-seven! Many nightclubs are located close by Wenceslas Square where they are always crowded with tourists. The price of entry tickets and for drinks varies greatly depending on the place: however, there is no doubt that beer in Prague is one of the cheapest to the world!

    Favorite night entertainment for adults in Prague remains meetings in beer taverns. Cozy taverns with own breweries are found in Pragues at every step. In the evening, almost half of the city residents gather there to pass the time for a pleasant conversation and a glass of foamy drink.
  • Shopping
    Shopping in Prague is pleasure in the full sense of the word. Prices are generally below average in Europe, not even during sales. The range of brands is almost as wide as in the recognized fashionable European capitals - Milan and Paris. Shopping is a pleasant addition to weekend tours in Prague. This activity will decorate your vacation in Prague and leave pleasantly memorable gifts for you and your loved ones. In Prague, it makes sense to buy clothes and shoes from popular brands and hand-made by local designers, beer-based cosmetics, the famous Czech pomegranate, original sorts of beer, handmade waffles and sweets, and at least one figure of a little Mole from the popular cartoon.

    Most of the shops in Prague are open from 9:00 to 18:00, large supermarkets and shopping centers close later - at 21:00-22:00. Grocery stores are also open on Saturdays until 12:00, and on Sunday almost everything is closed, except for small convenience stores. 

    In Prague, there are two main shopping routes. Based on your goals, as well as financial and time opportunities, it is worth choosing a route that will ideally meet all your needs. Paris Street is associated with famous designer boutiques, chic shops, and famous brands.

    In Prague, as in all of Europe, there are two sales seasons: in summer and winter. But the Czech Republic arranges two additional large-scale sales in April and October. The spring sale starts in April and lasts until mid-May, the next discounts are expected for buyers in July-August. Then the summer collection is sold in October, and the largest sale traditionally begins before Christmas. Discounts reach 70-80%.
  • Good to know
    Airlines: Many different airlines operate from any part of the world, including the USA, Europe, etc. We will always offer you the flights to Prague at the best prices.
    Airport: Václav Havel Airport Prague
    Distance from Airport: 40-50 minutes (20 km)
    Language: Czech 
    Timezone: Central European Standard Time
    Population: around 1.3 mln
    Passport: Valid passport and visa is mandatory
    Tourist visa: Not required for stays less than 6 months
    Currency: Czech koruna
    Tipping: Not included, but It is customary to leave 10-15% of the bill as a tip 
    Tourist tax: from €2 to €7
    Water: Safe to drink
    Electricity: 230V, 50Hz AC
  • Things to do in Prague

    Millions of tourists come to Prague every year to walk in its parks and bridges, visit museums, look at the city from the height of towers and viewing platforms, see famous sights, drink a glass of Czech beer and plunge headlong into the unique atmosphere of Prague Castle. This is an ancient fortress with an area of 45 hectares with picturesque towers, gardens, a palace complex, historical buildings where museums are located. The main attractions: the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert, as well as Zlata street with miniature houses, where, according to legend, alchemists lived. Visit this place and stroll around its surroundings. It is in this part of the city that you can fully experience the unique atmosphere of Prague with its medieval fabulous architecture.

    Take a walk along the Charles Bridge and admire the old town. This is one of the most beautiful and romantic places to go during the tour in Prague. Standing on the bridge, you can make wishes, which, according to legend, must come true. The most beautiful and spectacular views are open from Charles Bridge in the evening when Prague is covered with dusk and illuminated by hundreds of flickering lights.

    In the evening, go for dinner to one of the traditional Czech restaurants (there are a lot of them in the old town). Taste national Czech cuisine. There are two dishes that are obligatory tasted by all tourists in Prague: Trdelník (a kind of spit cake) and Pečené vepřové koleno (Czech baked pork knuckle). Don’t forget to try the famous Czech beer as well. Any tourist knows that they will not try such a tasty beer anywhere else. Many of the local restaurants have their own breweries, where they produce a foamy drink in accordance with all ancient traditions. Such a busy day will certainly be remembered for a long time and will leave a lot of various positive impressions.

    Facts about Prague
    1. Prague is the city of towers. Travelers will be able to see it for themselves. According to statistics, there are about a thousand towers on its territory, including water towers and superstructures over private houses. Each of the towers has its own fascinating history, which is of interest to both children and adults.
    2. Prague excelled in the Guinness Book of Records. Prague Castle was rated by professionals as the largest castle building in the world. The magnificent building has a length of 570 meters and a width of 130 meters. It may take 40-60 minutes to just go around it!
    3. There is no satellite on the roofs of old houses in Prague - it is forbidden to hang them. This spoils the look of the old city. The same goes for plastic windows. So, enjoy this city at its finest.