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Mallorca is the largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago, great for beach-related rest and activities such as climbing, diving and windsurfing, and just enjoying beautiful nature. It is considered an ideal option for a quiet family vacation, as well as a good place where you can spend your time actively and have a lot of fun.  

  • Tours to Mallorca are very popular among tourists attracting them with clean beaches, a warm sea, a large number of architectural attractions and entertainment venues, as well as the incredible beauty of nature - coniferous forests that spread on rocky cliffs in the center of the island, mountain peaks that majestically rise in the west, and white beaches that stretch along the coast with many restaurants and shops. All this makes Mallorca amazing, capable of giving a wonderful vacation to absolutely everyone. Now, it’s no difficulty to buy a tour to Mallorca and savor the moment in the separate world with its own character, habits and characteristics. 

    As a rule, the holiday season in Mallorca begins in April and ends in October. And from October to March, travelers will see a completely different island – it is more calm and comfortable to fully enjoy the local flavor, get acquainted with the history, touch many sights, admire the amazing flora and fauna, and just plunge into the Spanish atmosphere, feeling the life and customs of the local population. The favorable and mild maritime climate of Mallorca is not characterized by sweltering heat, but even in winter it is pleasant to spend time on the island. 
  • Beachlife
    There are more than 20 beaches in Mallorca, most of them are sandy and often located in a beautiful natural environment. Some of them are so isolated from the rest of the island that they remain almost untouched by humans. The beaches in the north are mostly long and sandy, but there are also small bays that are great for snorkeling. The beaches located on the east coast are very different from each other: they can be either long sandy or small cozy. The western part of the coastline is a mountainous area with tiny beaches hidden in the bays. Some of them are accessible only by boat that allows to avoid a large number of vacationers. The beaches in the south of Mallorca are more commercial offering a range of different services and activities. 

    Blue flags are a sign of peer review of water quality, environmental management, safety and beach services. We especially note three places that received the Blue Flag - these are the beautiful beaches of Sant Elm and Camp de Mar, and the third beach is located near the sailing club in Puerto de Andrach. These are very famous, comfortable beaches with a large abundance of amenities for the whole family, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. Cala Millor is the longest beach in Mallorca, framed by a boardwalk, where it is possible to ride a bicycle and roller skates. This snow-white sandy beach with shallow azure water is popular among those who choose to spend family vacation in Mallorca. This is an absolutely idyllic beach but crowded in high season.  

    If you want to avoid crowded beaches, you’re welcome to natural beaches of Mallorca – five small beaches along the east coast of Mallorca that are located in small bays. In Spanish they are called cala. Cala Serena is a small sandy bay with rocky edges, the most beautiful of the five. The others include Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Gran and Cala d'Or. Alternatively, you can take a boat trip from one bay to another to enjoy the unusual island scenery. 
  • Nightlife
    Mallorca offers its guests a wide choice for leisure and entertainment, which gives its nightlife a special atmosphere of fun. Mallorca nightlife attracts thousands of young people from all over Europe, ready to have fun in numerous nightclubs, bars. In Mallorca, there are nightclubs for every taste, which remain open until the morning. Where do they go in search of nightlife and parties in Mallorca? The most active areas for nightlife is Paseo Marítimo - a promenade with numerous bars and night clubs along the street. It is here that all young people come in flocks at night take it in turns to each bar-disco. Another popular nightlife area is Santa Catalina with bars where you can just have a drink and chat before heading to the disco.  

    If you have already studied the whole night life of the island's capital, then you can go to the nearby El Arenal or to Portals Nous with more fashionable and glamorous bars. The attention of young people is attracted by an inexpensive resort, El Arenal. Hotels are mostly no higher than three stars. Bars and restaurants, in which the town does not lack, are always hospitable and glad to noisy and cheerful companies. El Arenal is likely to be the most beneficial for young people because other Mallorca resorts will require a significantly higher fee for such youth vacation in Mallorca. 
  • Shopping
    A significant part of popular shops and markets is located in the capital Palma de Mallorca and its surrounding areas. However, you can find attractive souvenir shops and colorful markets in absolutely any city. The island has shopping centers, outlets and entire neighborhoods with large and small shops, souvenir shops and markets with goods for every taste and budget. One of the most popular shopping centers in Palma de Mallorca is Porto Pi. It is located 2 km from the city. There is a large selection of clothing stores, shoes, as well as a grocery hypermarket, a cinema and a good food court. Also in the city there is a shopping center of the El Corte Ingles chain where you can buy the most fashionable clothes, including luxury brands. 

    If you go in Mallorca to restock your wardrobe, then you need to arrive during periods of season discounts - January-February and July-August. At this time, the prices of many goods actually fall to 70-80%. Large stores work from 9 to 22 hours, without any "siesta". As for outlets outside the tourist areas and small shops, they may close a little earlier and for siesta from 13:00-14:00 to 16:00-17:00. Mind that Sunday is an official day off in the country, but some souvenir shops and convenience stores in tourist areas may work. 

    Popular resorts 

    Palma de Mallorca
    You can enjoy summer holidays in Mallorca going to the largest resort and forget about everything. This resort will open in front of you into the world of snow-white beaches, excellent hotels, developed infrastructure, shopping and entertainment centers, bars, restaurants. A snow-white, Playa de Palma, beach stretches for 8 km along the warm Mediterranean Sea. It was awarded with the Blue Flag for environmental friendliness and cleanliness. The central beach is municipal, you can rent a sun lounger, an umbrella from the sun or rent a jet ski and a boat. Playgrounds with slides are created for children. So, it is a good idea to spend family vacation in Mallorca, namely at this resort. By  the way, the resort is suitable for those who do not like long trips. It just takes a few minutes to reach Playa de Palma from the airport. 

    Cala D’or
    If you’re looking for a wonderful option to have a relaxing holiday in Mallorca, you are advised to go to the east coast of the island of Mallorca - to the city of Cala d’Or. The main feature and indisputable advantage of Cala d’Ora over other resorts is the presence of cozy bays with fine sandy beaches surrounded with a pine forest from the wind and the scorching sun. There is no high buildings there, but the city is replete with villas hidden in verdure that make it well suited for honeymooners. In addition, the town of Cala d’Or itself, with its houses painted in white traditional for the Mediterranean, is a surprisingly beautiful and cozy place in Mallorca. 

    On the northern coast of Mallorca is the Gulf of Alcudia, which features clean shallow water and long white sandy beaches with fine sand and a very gentle entrance to the sea, which is ideal for young children. The largest beach of Mallorca is located here within 10 km. This resort is perfect not only for family vacations, but also for a wonderful holiday for lovers of water sports. The wind blows during the whole swimming season that makes this resort attractive for windsurfers who come here in large numbers. Despite a gentle entry into the sea, there are places for jumping into the water from stones. 

  • Good to know

    Airport: Palma de Mallorca Airport 
    Distance from airport: 15 min / 10 km from the center  
    Flight time: on average 5 hours depending on the destination 
    Language: Spanish 
    Timezone: Central European Standard Time 
    Population: Around 900.000  
    Passport: Valid passport is mandatory. 
    Currency: Euro  
    Tipping: Not included. Customary to give 5 - 10% of the bill. 
    Electricity: 220 V 50 Hz and power sockets type C / F 
    Tourist tax: 1-4 €
    Water: Bottled water is recommended   

  • Things to do 

    Mallorca is a favorite place for lovers of beach holidays. On the island you can either relax under the scorching sun of Spain, or take an active pastime. Activities that travelers can try in the air include flying in a balloon or takin tours by helicopter to get a bird's-eye view of Mallorca. All lovers of water activities and experienced swimmers are advised to go diving. 

    Mallorca has an amazingly diverse underwater world, a world of discoveries and new opportunities. Dive centers and schools will provide you with all the necessary equipment and teach you how to dive, breathe and swim properly underwater. Activities for lovers of cycling and hiking are also found on the island. By the way, you can rent a bicycle, the cost starts from 5 euros. As for hiking, special routes are developed, most of which lie through highlands and gorges along the coastline.